10 Golden Rules to Follow When Working With Freelancers

It feels great when a business expands but if you have been in this position, you would have suddenly said to yourself, “Hey! Am I falling short of people out here?” A work gap surely builds up and you know you have got to think of alternatives. Freelancers! Yes, you heard it right! They are the solution when your standard employees fall short. True that you won’t always hit the perfect chord but when you do, they will make your day. So you may ask, what is the magic potion for a high strike rate of top rated freelance hire?  Read along for 10 rules which can help you with the goal.

1. Handle freelancers in a serious, professional manner

Freelancers work for a large number of clients (they are freelancers, after all!) and it is important to make them constantly aware of what their task is; the deadline, deliverables, how to manage their workload.

2.Predetermine work deadlines

There are tasks which have time sensitivity. Your freelancers cannot be casual with such jobs. You need to set the bar clearly before the task begins. Hey, I need this job to be completed within next 2 working days? Something like it! This way, they know what they are up against and will commit themselves accordingly.

3.Proper screening should be made the motto

Hiring a top rated freelancer is possible, very much possible if you are ready to do your Due Diligence. Vetting or screening them all, checking their previous works, their credentials, experience and seeking references from past employees is the least you need to do to work with top freelancers without compromising on quality of your work.

4.Be honest and transparent

Freelancers have different expectations than a standard set of employees. You must not give them the impression that you are not a promise-keeper. What you see is what you get should be an unwritten contract between you as an employer and the freelancer you will be working with.

5.Inform them about your branding guidelines

The freelancer you chose to work with must be made aware of your company’s branding guidelines. It will be great if you can create a style guide and share with them. The freelancers may offer to work and improve the document, which is an added bonus in any case.

6.Decide a budget and don’t budge

Hire cheap and you will attract a poor crowd of freelancers. Hire expensively and you will soon be out of your budget. Budget wisely and stick to it no matter what the manner of freelancer at the negotiating table is.With our expereince, if you know what is the scope of work and you know how much time it will take to complete opt for a fixed rate.If you get the right guy, he will understand and respect the need for a flat rate. This way, it suits both the parties well.

7. Don’t hire because you have a soft corner

Sometimes we hire someone just because in the past we had got them to work on a project which turned out really well. It does not mean that the same will be the case every time. So, if you have to hire because you like someone, opt instead for a horses-for-courses policy.

8. Rules and regulations need to be followed

Ground rules need to be followed whether they are about the deadlines or about the fixed shifts (or flex shifts). When you waver from a set of regulations, you unwittingly give freelancers license to do what they know best, that is, taking it easy.

9.Search should be made to acquire only the quality freelancers

Before hiring them for good, use a set of relevant questions which immediately separate the good from the average. Of course, this is easier if you are an experience in hiring freelancers in the past and have some amount of prior exposure to understanding the freelancers’ mindset.If not choose someone from a flat rate freelance service like to avoid negotiation, lengthy proposal and to avoid any risk of getting low quality work.

10.Choose wisely for profit

And here is the final tip you don’t want to miss out on. The way work culture is laid out today, there are on-demand freelancers on one side of the spectrum and a large number of employers on another side. There is no shortage of the “really good stuff”. You just need to choose wisely and of course, only after conducting Due Diligence.

When you hire from Markenza, you set yourself for a great freelancing experience. Because we have already pre-screened top rated freelancers in the market, with pre-negotiated fixed price and guarantee of getting quality work every single time and did we mentioned that we even offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with our work.

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