10 Signs That It’s Time to Let Go of a Client

A lot of times it so happens that you end up with a client who gets on your nerves. Clients are hard to come but you need to know when to sever ties with someone who is just too much to handle.

We all love a growing business and increasing number of clients as well. However, here we are going to talk of 10 signs which are clear symbol when you need to walk away from a client because in the end, you deserve your peace of mind and the respect and integrity as well. When you start to feel that the presence of client is doing more harm than good, it is time to pull the plug. So, let us see some sure shot signs of exiting the client.

1.The free birdies

When you find that a client demands too many things for free, it is a sign that he is no longer going to be productive for you. There are a lot of clients who have a habit of always asking you to chip in with extra work for free. For instance, he may ask you to handle maintenance of one site for free while you are developing another one. This is definitely a sign to walk away from the client, you deserve better!

2. Personal issues

Clients who tend to bring personal issues to the professional field are the ones who are best avoided. There is no reason for you to stick to such clients who will either pursue their personal differences or the ones who tend to mingle personal and professional life. Trust us; you are better off from such tiring situations.

3. Too many revisions

There are a handful of clients who have this nagging habit of asking for too many revisions. Well, if you didn’t do the task correctly, they are entitled to ask you for revisions. However, you need to understand that there is a limit to the number of revisions. So, the best thing is to put a limit on the number of revisions and then you can walk off from the client if he is still not satisfied.

4. False promises

If you have landed upon a client who tends to make too many false promises, it is a red flag that you need to steer away from them. These are the clients who would promise you a huge order or a great bonus but once their ongoing project is done, they would turn their back and hardly reply to your message. So, make it a point to maintain distance from such clients.

5. Unrealistic deadlines

Some clients expect you to leave everything else and get on their work even when they offer you seasonal contracts and not all round the year work. These are the clients best avoided as they would mentally pressurize you and leave you in quandary every time you are working on their project.

6. The rate bugger

You must have landed upon a client who is always pesky when it comes to the rates. Even though they agreed to your rates, they would question it and contemplate if you are overcharging for every sub-segment of the project. Such clients are too much of a hassle to work. They would compare and contrast with the market rates for every sub-task you deliver and it is not only bagging but it is also known to impact your work performance as it upsets the natural working rhythm of an individual.

7. The fickle-minded ones

Some clients are just too fickle-minded. They will tell something, you will get things rolling and start the development only to get a call and know that they have changed their mind. Such fickle -minded clients end up doubling your efforts and you may be dissatisfied by the overall project execution. So, it is better to avoid such clients and walk away from them as they will disturb your working mind.

8. The finicky and over perfectionist

Now, there is another line of client who are just too particular. No matter how good a task is, they want it to be even better. These are the kind of clients who are almost impossible to please because they have unrealistic expectations and have set the bar too high. Despite having such unmatchable standards, they are not willing to pay a good price for it. This ends up creating a disparity between the efforts you put and the rewards you reap and hence it is best to walk away from such clients before they sabotage your inner peace.

9. The disappearing ones

Then there are clients who are absolutely terrible when it comes to communication. They may be constantly calling you every day of the week taking updates of the progress and then all of a sudden they disappear out of nowhere and don’t return your calls. Even the top-rated freelancers have confessed that such clients are the toughest to deal with especially because you end up being unsure about the payment cycles too. Always choose clients who have a steady communication pattern.

10. The payment dilemma

Most of all walk away from the client who gives you a headache every time you need a payment. These are the ones who are after your life during the project cycle but are still not willing to pay. You need to chase them down to have you dues cleared. They want the best freelancer on demand but are least bothered to pay them for their unmatched efforts. Surely, these are the clients you should walk away from.

These are 10 of the clear warning signs when you need to walk away from the client. If you are top rated freelancer and continue doing excellent work, new clients would chip in and your work will continue to roll smoothly. So, know the clients to pick and the ones to skip because it is not just about the quantity of work but also the quality and standards too.

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