The freelancer community has been going strong as there are a lot of small and big companies who have been hiring freelancers for their different tasks. However, it often so happens that once in a while, clients come across freelancers who end up doing a scam and robbing them of their hard earned money and time. It takes lots of time and money to find those top-rated freelancers who are honest in their work and deliver what was promised.

When clients choose a freelancer, they want to be sure that they are picking the best person for the job. To ensure that you do not run into such problems, we will be talking of some of the common scams so that you can differentiate a top rated freelancer from someone who is likely to dupe you.


1. The copying issue

By far one of the most baffling of all problems which clients face is that of copied content. Be it content writers or designers and even developers; there have been freelancers who simply rip off the content from the web and claim it to be theirs or they have worked on those projects in the past. This can even lead to the client ending up in a quandary if they do not cross-check the deliverable for authenticity.

By choosing the top-rated freelancer with an established reputation and checking the end deliverable, one can avoid this painful trouble.

2. The fake identities

There are so many fake freelancer profiles out there. As the work is mostly done online, there isn’t any proper legit way to find how accurate the details are. From the location to the name, picture, portfolio, rating and even the education background; you may not be able to verify any or all of it and this leaves the client wondering as to how true the freelancer is.

Some clients are particular about hiring freelancers from a specific location, say native speakers for eBooks. In such cases, those faking their identity can scoop in the project order and deliver a substandard project.

3. The outsource specialists

This is a bit too common. Too many clients choose the best freelancer on demand and agree to pay a premium rate because they are the elite freelancers. Now, these freelancers, in turn, outsource the work to other freelancers for a very low amount and end up making a good deal without putting in any effort. This leads to substandard work and sometimes a lot of disputes as well.

Ideally, you cannot avoid this problem always. But try and ask for regular updates to ensure that at least the chosen freelancer is always updated with the progress and know-how of the project.

4. The hackers

This is one scam you really don’t want to witness. This is really risky and mostly done by designers and coders. When you hire web designers and developers and sometimes even writers and end up sharing the password of your system, they may end up hacking your system. As a naive layman, you won’t even understand what is wrong until your balances start to go awry or your site behaves awkwardly.

So, always go through the reviews and choose the best-curated freelancer who has been backed up by multiple clients. Even then, it is best advised to use things like last pass rather than giving complete admin rights to the freelancer. You don’t want to give full authority unless the freelancer has gained your complete trust.

5. The Absentees

Sometimes you may have landed upon freelancers that are prompt during the interview round but once you hire them, they disappear out of nowhere. In some cases when the payment is done beforehand, they might dupe you and never show again. On other occasions, you might not have paid them but you keep playing the waiting game and the project is stalled unnecessarily.

So, you need to thoroughly check the reviews to see the response rate of the freelancer and decide if he/she is up for the job. Also, never make a complete milestone but breaks it into smaller ones to keep the communication steady.

6. The shady reviews

Some freelancers end up faking the whole scene. For most of the scams, we suggest you check the reviews and then make the hiring decision. But, there are teams of scam freelancers out there who end up posting fake reviews to build a great reputation. However, when you will truly work with them, you will be disappointed with the overall result. You will be appalled to see the difference between their actual work and the reviews.

The right thing to do is to cancel the project, ask for a refund and leave a review stating the issues. This way you can at least help fellow clients save their time, money, and effort.

7. The one time workers

Often when you hire freelancers for a project it may so happen that you would need a little tweaking or changes to the job. When you request them to do some minor edits, they might outright refuse or charge you hefty amount to do it. Ideally, these are the terms which should be discussed prior to starting a project because choosing a new freelancer to fix errors done by the last one would entail much more time, effort, and money as the new hire would have to check everything from scratch.

8. The money dilemma

Finally, stay away from freelancers who end up quoting you extra for every sub-task they do. You should try and fix the budget beforehand be it fixed or hourly to ensure you do not run into a ruckus later. When you do this, it will allow you to fix the money sues.

Some freelancers would upset your net budget by charging exorbitant prices every now and then for sub-tasks.

These are some of the common scams which freelancers have often been accused of indulging in. As a client, if you want to stay away from such pesky matters, it is best advised to choose a top rated freelancer for the tasks.

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