10 Things That Set Apart Best Freelancers From Beginners

Freelancing is becoming a growing choice among too many people because it gives you the much-needed flexibility and lets you be your own boss without the hassles of handling the whole business empire. You are both your own employee and the employer and you can choose the working hours. However, not every freelancer makes big bucks, so what really is the catch here? What it is that makes you a top rated freelancer? Let us get down to the nitty-gritty of the topic.

The niche of specialization

Don’t try and spread your arms anywhere and everywhere. One of the top habits of the best freelancers is that they know their niche. You can’t be a software developer, a writer and a virtual assistant at the same time. If you want to be an expert, choose your domain and then specialize in it. This will give you the upper edge and also win the confidence of too many clients.

Your website

Remember, you need to look a through professional. Convincing the clients that you are the right person for the job is often the hardest hurdle to overcome. This is why you should have a website which needs to be well maintained and regularly updated. This gives the impression that you are adept at the work and making a good living out of it. Definitely, adds a lot of extra points.

Fixed price jobs

While there are a lot of us who like to go by hourly, it has been mostly seen that fixed-price jobs tend to pay off better in the long run and are sans hassles. Of course, you need to work the dynamics out based on the field in which you are working. Compare and contrast fixed price and hour based jobs and then decide what seems best for you.

Mostly, it has been seen that when you go for fixed jobs, you do not really have an upper cap of earning as hourly projects would limit you with the number of maximum permissible hours per day. Further, you are not bound by the clock as you do not have to stress about the unproductive hours being billed.  Also, it is seen that clients tend to prefer fixed contracts as it gives them an accurate measure of how much they will be spending.

Expert freelancers know how to keep their hourly rate dynamic; they adjust it not just on the basis of the job but also as per client as well. This is one trick you need to master.

Evolve, constantly

This is really important and it is one of the key factors which separate an expert top rated freelancer from an average one. Some of us tend to get complacent after we get a regular stream of clients. You need to have the fire and the desire to evolve constantly and add to your knowledge base. This is surely the right way to not just climb to the top but stay there as well.


Gone are the days when you could keep the trade secrets hushed. The more transparent you are in your policy, the more easily you would win the confidence and trust of your clients. The first meeting wherein the client is still deciding whether or not to hire you is crucial. Give them too many reasons to believe you and let the transparency win them over.

Long-term relationships

One of the most uphill tasks when it comes to freelancing has to be fetching the constant work from clients. No one wants to go jobless even if it is for a day. So, the right thing to do is to know how to turn your clients into repeat ones. The expert freelancers know that the support phase is as important as the development one because if you offer great after sales service or multiple revisions, you would win that client for life. So, know the dynamics of forging a long-term relationship with your client so you get repeat orders.

Search regularly

Even when you are crammed for work, an expert freelancer knows the importance of staying in the market. Do not forget to follow up with your old clients, bid on new projects and see how you can get the tasks done. An expert freelancer would have ad hoc writers who have been trained to handle the best of projects. This allows him/her to take up more tasks and stay loaded with jobs all the time.

Incorporating the feedback

The client feedback is by far one of the most crucial things which you cannot afford to ignore. Every time you are done with a project, ask the client for constructive feedback. It is the honest feedback sessions which will help you understand the areas you need to work and how you can improvise, improve and innovate. These are the three I’s you need to be really cautious about.

Prioritize and schedule

One of the reasons too many freelancers fail to make the cut is because they lack the vision to prioritize their work in an apt manner. When you are loaded with tasks, you need to come up with the right kind of action plan. Make a plan of how you will deliver the tasks timely and then coordinate with the team and see how things are rolling. Stay in touch with clients and keep them updated on the progress. This is the finest tip which has helped too many freelancers climb to the top of the ranks.

Online reputation

In the end, clients will only hire the best. So, you need to know how to market yourself in an apt manner. For this, you need to carve the best online reputation you can. Have your YouTube channel or create a blog. Do something pertaining to your business, gain reviews and testimonials. Show your clients your worth and review your skills. The will fetch you more jobs which in turn will lead to even more positive reviews and the round chain will go on and on.

These are the things which set the best apart from the rest. Are you going to implement them now? We suggest you do it to be among top rated freelancer.

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